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Sage Integration

Tay Commercial Services develop custom applications to take data direct from your application or website and insert it automatically into Sage. In most cases, once your data file is on your machine, you're one click away from importing it into Sage Accounting Software. No re-keying of items, no messy imports with multiple stages. Our applications provide exception reports for data that cannot be imported directly together with an indication of the reason therefor. In some cases automated downloads can be used to seamlessly integrate your website with Sage.

Our applications can provide a bespoke user interface to Sage designed to suit your specific situation and requirements. Your staff see only the fields relevant to their tasks and the application deals with inputting the data into Sage. Conversely our applications can retrieve data from Sage and present it in your own format.

Head Office:

PO Box 36 Bury

T: 0161 764 5744

Scottish Office:

South Friarton
St Martins

T: 01738 717004